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  • What is wastewater and where does it go in the Las Virgenes-Triunfo JPA service area?

  • What does 'potable' mean, and what is 'potable reuse'?

  • What is water purification?

  • Should I be worried about pharmaceuticals in the purified recycled water?

  • Why is the Las Virgenes-Triunfo JPA pursuing 'potable reuse'?

  • Isn't all water reused?

  • Can conservation meet our needs without this source of supply?

  • Where else is purified recycled water being used or explored?

  • What are the benefits of using purified recycled water for drinking in the Las Virgenes-Triunfo JPA service area?

  • Why not just build a desalination plant and purify sea water?

  • Who regulates recycled water? What laws and regulations have to be met?

  • I hear that the Las Virgenes-Triunfo JPA is building a demonstration facility or pilot plant. Why is that necessary? Can't you just build the full scale plant and be done with it?

  • How much will it cost?

  • When will the full-scale plant be constructed and on line?

  • How can I visit the demonstration facility?