What is Pure Water?

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Pure Water is water that comes from your home or business in the form of "wastewater", is treated at the Tapia Water Reclamation Facility and treated again at the proposed Advanced Water Treatment Plant.

At the proposed new advanced treatment facility, recycled water will go through membrane ultrafiltration, reverse osmosis filtration and advanced oxidation before being stored at Las Virgenes Reservoir.  From the reservoir, the water will be blended and retreated at the Westlake Filtration Plant and delivered to your home.

Steps of Pure Water Filtration 

Pure Water Videos

Episode 2 - Joe McDermott, Director of Resource Conservation and Public Outreach meets with Dave Pedersen, General Manager at the Tapia Water Reclamation Facility.  In this episode, they talk about wastewater treatment, Pure Water and how LVWMD and Triunfo Sanitation District are working to ensure long term water reliability and watershed leadership through local resources and innovative technology. - July 11, 2018

Episode 1 - Curious as to what the Pure Water Project is all about?

General Manager Dave Pedersen and Director of Resource Conservation and Public Outreach Joe McDermott meet in this first of a series of videos to discuss the Pure Water Project.  In this episode, they discuss the current status of this innovative project. - May 30, 2018